How to Remove Tea Stains From Mugs

If you love tea you know how your favourite beverage can stain china, porcelain and even plastic mugs. The tannins in teas produce a brown dye that coats the interior of the tea cup, leaving brown rings or an overall brown stain. The stain does not affect the taste of subsequent cups of tea, but can look unappetizing.

You can remove tea stains with a few household ingredients and enjoy your next cup of tea in a sparkling cup.

Make a paste of baking soda and water and rub onto the stained area. Allow to sit for a few hours. You can do this before you set out for work in the morning or leave the coated mug to sit overnight. In the morning, wet a soft cloth and scrub the dried paste lightly. The stain should be gone.

Quarter a lemon and put one quarter into your stained mug. Add boiling water and allow this to sit for an hour or so. The acid in the lemon should bleach out the stain.

Add 1 tsp of oxygen bleach to your mug and fill the mug with boiling water. Allow to sit until the water cools. Wash and dry the mug.

Fill the mug with water and add a denture tablet. These tablets contain cleaners designed to remove tough stains from porcelain dentures, so they are effective at doing the same for porcelain mugs. Allow the cleaner to sit until the tablet stops fizzing, then wash the mug in hot soapy water and rinse to remove all traces of the stain and the denture cleaner.