How to Hide Fuse Boxes

The easiest way to hide a fuse box is to hang something in front of it. Keep in mind when choosing something to hang in front of a fuse box that it needs to be easy to move, since the fuse box will need to be accessed sometimes (even if only rarely).

Curtains, pictures, even wall scrolls can all make attractive disguises for a fuse box, and no one will even suspect it is there. Here is a simple and easy way to hide your fuse box with a hanging picture.

Choose a picture that is lightweight and larger than the fuse box itself. Don't use an heirloom or antique picture that needs to be handled carefully. Choose a picture that will survive being dropped or won't be missed if it breaks.

Hammer two nails above the fuse box a fair distance apart (how far depends on the size of your picture) along the same plane. This will ensure the picture hangs straight without fuss each time it is replaced. Angle the nails slightly upwards so that the picture wire or hooks can't slide off.

Test your cover a few times. Make sure that you can easily get to the fuse box and open it. Make sure that at least one other person who did not participate in hanging the picture can easily remove and replace it as well.