How to Make a Fabric Liner for a Wicker Basket

Baskets offer wonderful ways to display and store decorative objects as well as just about anything imaginable. A lined basket makes the basket much more usable since the lining closes the holes in the basket weave and provides a barrier between the basket and the objects it holds.

The lining makes the basket easy to clean, and it brings a punch of colour that can be changed along with the decor.

Measure the bottom of the basket. Add 1/2-inch to both the length and width.

Measure the height of the basket. Add 4 additional inches so the liner will wrap over the edge of the basket. Re-measure the top edges of the basket to make sure they are the same as the bottom. (Some baskets taper.)

Cut the bottom from preshrunk fabric. Cut two sides and two ends.

Pin a side to an end (to form a corner in the basket) with the fabric faces together. Pin the remaining side to the already pinned end and the last end to the two sides so that the fabric forms a loop.

Sew the sides together with a 1/2-inch seam allowance.

Press the seams and prefit the lining sides in the basket. Keep in mind that the face of the fabric is up. Fold the fabric over the sides of the basket and check for fit. If the lining is too big, take in the seams to correct the fit.

Check your bottom piece of fabric to the lengths and widths between the corners. Pin (facing sides together) the sides to the bottom being careful to keep the bottom fabric flat.

Start your seam at least 1 inch from a corner so that your corner pivot with the sewing machine needle will be crisp. You should not end up with any excess fabric if you have pinned correctly. Double stitch the bottom seam for extra strength.

Press the seams and fit the liner into the basket. Measure 3 inches from the top edge along the outside of the basket. Pin at your marks and trim away any excess fabric.

Create a 3/4-inch double hem by folding the fabric under at 3/4 inch and then folding that fold under another 3/4 inch. Sew two rows of stitches, one along the edge of the hem and a second one along the edge of the fold.

Cut and sew four sections of 1/2-inch elastic, one along the hem on each side of the basket. Put your liner on your basket.