How to Decorate a Small Enclosed Porch

The porch is often the first thing that visitors see when approaching your house, so make it a warm and inviting space. A porch can also be a relaxing spot to entertain or put your feet up at the end of a hard day. If you have a small, enclosed porch, don't waste the space.

With a little effort, your porch can be another useful living space in your home.

Clear out all of the clutter, which can make small spaces look even smaller. Clutter can also make it difficult to move around and enjoy your porch. Clear everything out of the room so that you can begin with a blank canvass.

Paint the walls a light or bright colour. Dark colours can make a small space seem cramped. Light shades can visually open up small spaces and make them appear more spacious.

Consider the flooring that you have to work with, and what you can do to change it if necessary. If you have high-quality flooring, such as ceramic tile, you may not have to change a thing. If the floor is cement, consider painting it to compliment the walls. You can also install indoor-outdoor carpeting or a woven grass mat as a throw rug.

Hang window treatments to soften the look of the porch. If your porch gets a lot of sun, use window treatments that will allow you to let in the light, or block it out when necessary. Consider installing blinds, bamboo shades, or sheer panels that can be tied back.

Add lighting so that you'll have the option to use your porch after the sun has gone down. An overhead fixture with a ceiling fan will not only light the room, but offer a cool breeze in warm weather.

Select furnishings for the room. Rather than crowding the room with furniture, select a few pieces that fit the scale of the porch, such as a love seat, or a couple of comfortable chairs with a small table.

If your porch is enclosed with screens rather than windows, be sure to select furniture that will endure dampness and weather. Good options include rattan or wicker with indoor-outdoor cushions, cast iron, and decorative plastic pieces.

Accessorise the porch with potted plants, candles and an attractive wall hanging.