How to Look After Rosewood Furniture

Properly cleaning and looking after your rosewood furniture is very important to the look and life of your items. Rosewood furniture that is cleaned with the wrong products will become dull looking, and though rosewood is a hardwood, it is still vulnerable to structure damage when not treated with care.

Rosewood furniture can be very beautiful and fits many styles of home and office decor But quality rosewood furniture often comes with a high price tag due to intensive labour and high material costs. However, good rosewood furniture will last a very long time if cared for properly.

Allow your new rosewood furniture to settle and adjust to the conditions of your home. The humidity and temperature level of your space will almost certainly be different than the conditions of the furniture store or storage facility where the furniture was kept. Avoid using the furniture heavily for a few weeks, especially if the pieces will be used in a way that will put pressure or a large amount of weight on the top surface or supporting legs.

Avoid putting extremely hot or cold surfaces directly on any piece of rosewood furniture. Extreme hot or cold can warp the shape and damage the strength of the wood. Always use heavy-duty pot holders when placing items like clay pots or saucepans on a rosewood kitchen table. Use placemats to absorb the heat from hotplates, and put coasters under drinks to prevent damage from moisture created by cold beverages.

Do not allow excess moisture to stand and collect on any type of rosewood furniture. Rosewood furniture, even if it has been sealed and lacquered, should never be exposed to prolonged moisture. If water spills on a table or other rosewood surface, it is important to dry and clean the item right away. Never put any type of rosewood furniture in a room where it will be subject to moisture or steam like the bathroom or laundry room.

Clean and polish your rosewood furniture every two to three weeks using a soft cloth and a linseed oil-based cleaner, or any type of commercial wood cleaner that says it is OK for rosewood. Most wood cleaners will specify what types of wood they are meant to be used on. If you have rosewood furniture that is natural and has never been lacquered, you should check with the manufacturer of the piece of furniture before using any type of cleaner. Many manufacturers specify what types of products should be used to clean their furniture at the time of purchase, but if they haven't, it is best to check with them first. Using the wrong type of cleaner can damage the finish and integrity of the piece.