How to apply teak oil

Teak is a premium hardwood highly desired by furniture makers and boat makers because of its thick fibres, natural resistance to insect damage and water-repellent characteristics.

Applying teak oil, which is actually linseed or tung oil or a combination of the two, highlights teak's natural ash-grey colour and intricate grain. It's a do-it-yourself project that takes a smooth hand and some time, but the reward of beautiful furniture or decking is worth it.

Thin enough teak oil to cover your teak surface one time. Create an 80-20 mix of teak oil and white spirit. For example, if you will need 295ml to cover your teak surface, put 236ml of teak oil and 56.7gr of white spirit in a container with an opening large enough to easily accommodate a paintbrush.

Apply the teak oil and mineral-spirit mix to the clean teak with your paintbrush. Wipe any drips or spills immediately with a clean cotton cloth. This coat will soak into the wood, and the surface will dry in approximately 15 minutes.

Pour enough teak oil into a second wide-mouth container to cover your teak two times. Using a second container will prevent the teak oil from being diluted by any remaining white spirit.

Apply two additional coats of teak oil with your brush, allowing 15 minutes between coats. The teak will have a clear matt finish after these two coats have dried.