How to improve FM reception

FM radio reception can be weak or noisy as a result of distance from the station's antenna, signal blockage, interference from other stations, or the quality of your radio or receiver. You can install a good antenna or try other measures to improve reception.

If you have a radio with a telescoping antenna, fully extend the antenna and rotate it to different angles.

If you live in a big city or mountainous area, move the radio to the place in your home that has the fewest large obstacles between you and the radio station's transmitter.

Switch from stereo to mono.

With a receiver or tuner, connect a wire-loop or T-shaped dipole FM antenna to the back of your unit. Move the antenna until you get the cleanest signal. Use a signal-strength meter or display to gauge signal strength if your unit has one.

Alternatively, upgrade to a third-party passive or powered antenna.

Install a rotatable roof antenna for the best possible reception. Connect your unit to an existing television roof antenna for the next-best alternative.