How to change a coping saw blade

A coping saw is a special type of hand saw that is primarily used to cut intricate shapes and interior cutouts. Coping saw blades are thicker and coarser-cutting than typical saw blades. Coping saw blades may become dull over time or may need to be interchanged for specific projects.

Replacement of coping saw blades is a fairly simple task.

Hold the blade holder with one hand to keep the blade from twisting. You can remove the coping saw blade by partially unscrewing the handle. Turn the handle counterclockwise to loosen the blade.

Press the end of the frame opposite the handle against a solid surface, such as a table or concrete, and carefully lift out the blade.

Install a new blade by placing the blade in place. Be sure to install the blade facing out if you prefer to cut on the push motion when sawing. Turn the handle clockwise to tighten the blade.