How to use a dremel to buff & polish jewelry

Jewellery can become tarnished and damaged to the point where fluids and cloths can no longer restore its beauty. This is where a hand-held rotary tool, such as a Dremel, comes in handy. Dremel tools can grind away scoring and scratching, remove burrs and polish surfaces to restore the original lustre of your favourite item.

Remove heavy scratching and other damage by using 220- and 400-grit emery cloth and sanding your item by hand.

Use felt bobs and tripoli polishing compound from your Dremel kit to remove light scratches and marks made by the 400-grit emery cloth on the inside surfaces of your jewellery.

Use felt wheels with tripoli compound on exterior surfaces.

Switch to fresh bobs and wheels. Polish your item with jeweller rouge until all surfaces have a mirror finish. The Artful Crafter staff advise, "...rub a bit of red jeweller rouge on a muslin or felt Dremel buff. Buff at low speed (5000 RPM). Do not press down. Keep the tool moving."

Clean buffing compound residue using paper towels and acetone or nail polish remover. Rub item vigorously with your polishing cloth.

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