How to grow cashew trees

Cashew trees grow fairly easily, but they do require a specific growing environment. If you can supply that, you can grow a cashew tree and enjoy the nuts (and also the fruit) all year long.

Check growing conditions. Cashew trees like sandy, well-drained soil and hot climates. They survive best at 3916 degrees Celsius, but can withstand temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius and as high as 40.6 degrees Celsius. Choose a spot that is protected from heavy winds.

Plant seeds one at a time, or plant three in a triangular pattern with approximately one foot between each one; when one grows better than the other two, you can weed out the weaker plants.

Give your cashew trees plenty of room to grow by planting approximately 10 yards apart.

Water regularly. Once a cashew tree has matured, it can survive with little water. During its early growth periods, though, it will need adequate water and fertilisation. In approximately three to five years, you will have plenty of cashew fruit and nuts to eat.

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