How to make a ferris wheel out of lollipop sticks

Yong Hian Lim/iStock/Getty Images

Instead of throwing away all those old lollipop sticks, why not reuse them to build something fun with your children, such as a model ferris wheel that really spins. You will need at least 50 sticks to complete this project so you may want to top up your own collection with sticks from an arts and craft shop.

For a more colourful ferris wheel that resembles a real fairground ride, paint the lollipop sticks before you build the model.

Arrange three lollipop sticks -- or six for a larger wheel (two to a side) -- into a triangle.

Glue the ends of each stick together, securing the three points of your triangle, and allow time to dry.

Attach two more sticks to the first triangle. The two new sticks need to be glued to the corners of one side of the triangle. Two more sticks are glued to that triangle. Each new triangle should share a side with the previous triangle. Leave a gap at the centre of your wheel, where the spokes meet. Continue until your triangles meet up with the other side of the first triangle and you have created a wheel. Make a second wheel in the same way.

Break lollipop sticks in half and attach them to the two wheels as cross bars. You will need to break half the number of sticks as you have sides to your wheels as these sticks must be spaced evenly in the same intervals as your triangles. For example, if your wheels have six sides, you will need three sticks for this step.

Construct two large triangles for the base. Use at least one more stick per triangle side than you used for your wheels. Allow one corner of these triangles to meet further down from the tip of the Popsicle sticks, creating an "X" at the top.

Attach your two base triangles together by gluing two sticks to the insides of the bottom two corners of both triangles and two more to the outside sides, about halfway down from the top intersection. You want these braces to be far enough down so they won't get in the way of the wheel itself.

Unfold a paper clip, place it through the two wheels and rest the clip's ends in the crook of the base triangles.