How to Paint a Laminate Fireplace

Redoing your laminate fireplace can be a difficult task. You might want to paint your laminate fireplace a different colour if you are changing the wall colours of the room. You also might want to change the colour if you change the surrounding stone, marble or other material used in the fireplace.

If you want to paint over your laminate fireplace you will need a few hours to complete the project.

Cover your floor with dust sheets to catch the sanding debris and possible paint drops or spills.

Sand down the fireplace using your electric sander and fine-grain sandpaper. You may have to hand-sand part of the fireplace if there are grooves or specially designed edges that the sander cannot reach. This step cannot be skipped as the laminate finish needs to be removed from the wood.

Apply painter's tape around the fireplace to make sure you do not get paint on the walls and to create smooth edges.

Prime the fireplace. Use an interior bonding latex primer or an oil-based primer. Allow to dry.

Paint the fireplace with a coat of oil-based or latex enamel. This is going to be your new paint colour. Allow paint to dry and then give the fireplace a top coat. Allow to dry.

Decorate your new fireplace.