How to make an Easter bonnet template


If you want to be like one of the grand ladies in Irving Berlin's song "Easter Parade," wearing a bonnet "with all the frills upon it," you first need to make a template, or pattern. There are many styles of Easter bonnets, one of which is the old-fashioned prairie-style bonnet.

This type of bonnet consists of only two pieces--a puffy back section covering your head and a wide brim that frames your face. Ribbons are attached at the bottom of the brim and are tied under your chin. By taking a few simple measurements, this bonnet can be made to fit any size head. After sewing together the pieces, decorate your Easter bonnet with lace, flowers, bows and other embellishments.

Measure from the centre of one ear to the centre of the other ear, laying the tape measure flat against the back of your head. Record this width. Measure from the nape of your neck straight up and around the back of your head, ending at the top of your forehead, which is the front hairline for most people. Record this length.

Make the back section of the bonnet template by drawing and cutting a rectangle to the width and length of the measurements taken in Step One. Round off two corners on one short end. Draw dashes to mark where the piece will be gathered along the two long ends and around the top.

Measure the distance framing your face, beginning and ending under your chin. Record this length. Measure the distance on the side of your face from the back of your ear to the outer corner of your eye. Record this width.

Make the template piece for the brim by drawing and cutting a rectangle to the width and length of the measurements taken in Step Three. Round off two corners on one long end. Mark an X in the centre of each short end to mark where ribbons will be attached to tie under your chin.

Construct the bonnet by cutting and sewing together two fabric brim pieces and one interfacing brim piece. Cut one back section and gather it to fit around the long, straight edge of the assembled brim. Finish the raw edge on the back of the bonnet. Attach tie ribbons to the bottom of the brim.