How to Use Lava Rocks in an Electric BBQ Grill

Lava rocks are jagged pieces of igneous rock from volcanic areas. These rocks are valued for their ability to absorb and retain heat, which makes them ideal for use in electric and propane cooking grills. Use lava rocks in an electric grill the same way you would use them with a propane grill.

Place a steel grate over the heating element in your electric grill.

Arrange new lava rocks one layer deep over the steel grate on top of the heating element. Do not stack the rocks on top of each other. Lava rocks should be close enough that the edges touch.

Place the cooking grill on top of the lava rocks. The cooking surface should be at least 3 inches above the lava rocks.

Plug in the electric grill and adjust the control knob to the desired temperature, then close the grill cover.

Let the grill preheat for 10 minutes

Scrape the cooking grill with a wire brush to remove food particles and carbon from the last time you grilled.

Grill your food according to your recipe.

Leave the grill turned on for about five minutes after you remove the finished food so that the lava rocks can burn off any grease.

Flip the rocks over when the grill is not in use. This prolongs the life of your lava rocks by helping them wear evenly on all sides.

Replace lava rocks when they begin to fall apart or smell.