How to Remove a Porsche Center Cap


There is a certain prestige to owning a Porsche. Porsche owners pay for this upfront, but usually don't realise they'll pay for it later as well. Whether your Porsche is a 911 or a Cayman, it requires special (and frequently pricey) maintenance.

Simple procedures that can be performed at home on a Chevrolet usually cannot be performed on a Porsche. Your Porsche has special centre caps that require a special tool to be removed; any other method will damage the clips or paint on your centre caps.

Acquire Porsche tool number P-72192290. This tool is specially designed to remove your Porsche centre caps. It can be obtained at your local Porsche dealership.

Examine each centre cap closely. There are two small holes in each centre cap, on each side of the Porsche crest design; the special tool is designed to fit directly into the holes.

Insert the tool into the centre cap holes. Push the tool to the side to remove the centre cap. The tool disengages the tiny clips located within your Porsche centre cap.