How to Treat Ringworm in Rabbits

Miss Pepo/

Many mammals, including rabbits, may suffer from ringworm. It is a skin disease caused by a fungus. Ringworm is one of the few diseases that animals can transmit to humans. While some ringworm infections will heal on their own, there are steps you can take to treat the disease before it spreads or gets worse.

These basic steps will show you how to treat ringworm in rabbits.

Clip the hair around any visible signs of the disease. Look for dry, scaly areas with patches of hair missing to know where to clip.

Sanitise the clippers immediately after using them, either in heat or in alcohol.

Use gloves and rub the topical cream on any lesions. If there are other animals around the infected animal, you should also treat them.

Contact your vet for an oral medication. The oral medication is generally continued for two weeks. Never give oral ringworm medication to a pregnant rabbit.

Clean everything around the rabbit thoroughly. This includes its cage, food and water dishes, bed and any grooming tools. Use a bleach and water mix to sanitise and clean everything. You should mix the bleach and water at a 10-to-1 ratio.