How to Induce Labor in Cats

A female cat carries her kittens for no longer than 65 days. Veterinarians recommend having your cat examined during pregnancy and getting a due date. If your cat is pregnant for more than 65 days, it is best to try to induce labour. This can take anywhere from a couple hours to days.

Prepare a quiet area for the cat to give birth. Place a large bedding made up of soft towels or blankets in a corner of a quiet room. Put newspaper on the bottom of a box and place blankets or towels in a box that is easy for the mother to get in and out of but not easy for the newborn kittens to escape from. Let your veterinarian know when your cat goes into labour in case you need assistance.

Give a capsule of red raspberry leaves with can food to induce labour. Sprinkle one capsule over a small amount of can food each day until the cat gives birth. The capsule is made up of pale green leaves from the raspberry plant that is filled with minerals and vitamins.

Increase the cat's activity. Play with her by having her run or walk around the house. Pet her frequently along with rubbing her belly to help induce labour.

Take the cat to the veterinarian. The doctor will use oxytocin to induce labour. This medicine needs to be given by the veterinarian because it could cause other problems such as an allergic reaction that the veterinarian will know how to handle.

Keep the cat calm once she begins labour. It is best she is in a comfortable place and that you watch over her to make sure there are no complications. Keep your veterinarian's contact number nearby in case you need help.