How to learn camera repair

If you wish to learn camera repair, you may find it difficult at first to locate schools that offer courses on the subject. Although many technical schools formerly had camera repair programs, they have started to be fazed out of many curriculums.

Your best bet is to look for online resources that can offer you information on how to learn camera repair.

Consider purchasing a camera to practice on. You may want to buy some used digital and film cameras to work on while learning camera repair. Find cheap used cameras through sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Get the tools needed to repair cameras. To start, you should buy a set of screwdrivers in multiple sizes, mini pliers, tweezers and a lens spammer. As you progress, you may need speciality tools like needle files, a filter ring remover and a soldering iron.

Take a correspondence course. Correspondence courses involve having camera repair learning materials sent to your home. As you finish the coursework, you mail back your completed projects. As an example, Fargo Enterprises has a camera repair correspondence course sponsored by the National Camera Institute.

Purchase books on camera repair or see if the manuals are available at your local library. You can also download repair manuals for specific camera models on sites like KY Photo.

Sign up for an online course in camera repair. You can further your knowledge of camera repair by enrolling in online classes. As an example, SPT has multiple camera repair classes online, including Camera Design, Soldering & Tools and Camera Release Systems.