How to start a roller skating rink

Starting a business that you are passionate about is one of the most fulfilling things a person can do in life. A roller skating rink can bring joy to a community along with a steady revenue stream to the business owner. Though not an easy task to undertake, with enough perseverance and business savvy, you can open your own roller skating rink within six months to a year.

Choosing the correct location for a skating rink is a big step in creating a successful business. Check demographic data for an area, and set up shop in a place with a high youth population, as this will be a large target audience. Also, many skating rinks thrive on theme nights, so look for areas with high concentrations of diverse groups that you can draw into your establishment.

Find a building that has at least 18,000 square feet. About 10,000 square feet of that space will go toward the skating surface, while the rest can be reserved for concessions, rental space, video games and a DJ booth.

Pick a construction company to create plans. Choose a skating surface. Obtain permits from the city, and begin constructing the interior. This process should take at least six months but no more than one year.

Purchase all the equipment necessary to run the rink, including: skates, cash registers, concession equipment, concession tables and chairs, DJ equipment, decorations, bathroom supplies, signage and skating accessories. Contract with an insurance company for ample coverage.

Once construction is complete and the city inspections passed, choose a grand opening date and begin to hire employees. Market the rink through brochures and flyers, radio advertisements and word-of-mouth. Plan a big grand opening party.

Set prices for admission. Open the doors and let the kids and adults hit the rink and have a great time. Offer food and drink specials. Provide discounts on certain nights. Keep good music playing while offering a fun, family-friendly environment with contests and giveaways. Introduce special theme nights, and keep the customers happy, ensuring that they'll return on a regular basis.

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