How to Transfer Video From Sony Handycam Onto PC


By using a video camera, you can capture life's important events in all its movement, colour and sound. Sony's entry into this recording arena is with the Handycam series, which started with tape storage before progressing to hard disk and Mini DV formats.

One hallmark of this device is the ability to quickly transfer recordings from camera to a computer using the PC operating system and without the need of an external capture program.

Turn off the camcorder before connecting it to the PC using the included USB.

Turn on the camcorder and open the flip-out screen. The USB Select screen appears. Tap Computer on the screen.

Double-click the My Computer icon on your PC desktop. The My Computer window opens to reveal the camcorder as a new storage device. If the camcorder is not appearing as an icon, try turning it on and off and selecting Computer on the flip-out screen once more.

Double-click the Camcorder icon to open it. A list of stored videos appears. Click to select the video that you want to transfer.

Press the Ctrl and C keys to copy the video.

Use My Computer on your PC to browse to the folder in which you want to store the copy. (If needed, create a new folder.) Double-click the folder to open it.

Press the Ctrl and V keys to paste the copied video into the folder. If needed, right-click the video and choose Rename to give the video a more meaningful name.