How to make jewelry out of broken china

A great way to reuse materials around the house is to turn them into beautiful, wearable jewellery. Make broken china as the main focus of the jewellery piece, such as rings, earrings or necklace pieces. Combine them with silver, gold or other metal to make new, unique jewellery pieces for yourself or gifts.

Collect old china pieces, and choose the best piece to use for each jewellery piece. Pick the piece that has a good focal point such as a flower or group of flowers.

Cut the piece to the size needed. Score the china piece with the razor blade several times. Use the lighter (or torch) to heat the china piece where it was scored.

Quickly submerge the china piece in water, and use either tile or jewellery pliers to break off the piece that was scored.

Use the Dremel and sanding accessories to go over all of the rough edges of the china piece to dull them down and make them smooth.

Place the china piece on your metal of choice, and mark around it to be cut. Use the jewellery saw to cut the metal piece to size.

Use the Dremel and sanding pieces to sand and smooth the edges.

Take a piece of bezel of the metal of choice and wrap it around the china piece. Cut the bezel, and line it against the bottom of the metal piece.

Cut the solder into small pieces and have them at a side. Place the metal on a fireproof surface.

Coat the metal pieces with flux. Evenly heat the metal with the torch.

Place the bezel against the bottom of the metal piece, and place the pieces of solder all around the edges. Continue to heat all of the pieces evenly with the torch until the solder melts and joins the bezel to the bottom of the metal piece.

Place the metal piece into pickle crock pot to clean metal.

Use the Dremel to sand all of the edges until smooth. Now use the polishing Dremel pieces to smooth until all of the pieces shine.