How to Clean Quarry Tile

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Quarry tile is a durable tile that is mostly used for floors but has been used on walls and countertops as well. Quarry tiles are unglazed tiles that are made of clay or a sedimentary rock called shales. The tile often comes in a reddish colour that gives a rustic look to the home or building.

These tiles are used in high traffic areas since they are known for their durability. Periodically the tiles will need to be cleaned, especially if they are used in areas where many people walk.

Remove the dust. If you are cleaning quarry tile on the floor, then vacuum it using the extension with a small brush. This will help avoid scratching the tile as well as clean corners easier. If you're cleaning quarry tile on the wall, then wipe it down using a dry rag or duster. If the quarry tile is used on a counter, wipe it down with a wet rag. Make sure clean in between each tile as well.

Use an antibacterial cleanser, such as Aquamix. Pour three cap fulls in a bucket of water. Place the mop inside the water and cleanser mix, squeeze it out and begin mopping the floor. If you are cleaning a countertop or wall, dip a rag or sponge into a smaller bucket of water and cleanser mix. If using a gallon bucket, place one cap full of cleanser into water. Wash down the counter and wall with the rag or sponge.

Empty the bucket and fill it up with water and quarry tile cleaner. Whether you use the entire gallon of cleaner or a third or half of the gallon depends on the size of the area you are cleaning. Look at the instructions on the back of the cleaner. The quarry tile cleaner will help get rid of any heavy duty stains that may be on the tile. If using a mop, make sure to rinse the mop head before placing it back into the bucket or use another mop head. For countertops and walls, use another rag or sponge. This will allow the tile cleaner to be more effective.

Wipe the floor, countertop or wall with a dry towel. This will help you see if you need to repeat the cleaning faster. Once the quarry tiles are dry, you can see if there are any stains that still need removing. If so, repeat using the quarry tile cleaner.

Use white vinegar mixed in water to add a shine to the tiles. For a small area, add three drops of vinegar. For a large area, add a cup of vinegar. Clean with the white vinegar and wipe the area down again with a dry towel.