How to build a petanque court

Most commonly played in France, petanque is a variation of the game of boules; it also is very similar to bocce. To play, competitors stand inside a circle with their feet together and toss hollow metal balls, called boules, at a small wooden ball called the cochonnet.

Petanque can be played with teams of one to three players. A point is scored when all three of a team's boules are closer to the cochonnet than any of the opponents', and games are generally played up to 13 points.

Choose a flat area with the dimensions of approximately 10 feet by 40 feet to be the location of the petanque court.

Create a rectangular border for the court with the dimensions above using 2 x 4s fastened together by screws. The border should be approximately 4 inches high.

Deposit a layer of between 1 and 2 inches of gravel inside the court. This will allow any precipitation or moisture to easily drain from the court.

Lay down a fine rock mixture, such as sand, over the gravel until the gravel is approximately 1 inch beneath the top layer.