How to Install Shades in a Greenhouse

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Installing shades in a greenhouse is a necessary part of maintaining your plants, as it protects them from burning due to extreme heat. Some install their greenhouse shades inside of the greenhouse, but this allows the solar energy to enter the greenhouse before it is reflected by the shade.

When this happens, it allows heat to build up above the shading, which requires a need for roof vents. Installing shades on the outside of the greenhouse provides you with greater control over the light and energy that is allowed in.

Measure the greenhouse note down the length and width of the roof as well as the height of the building.

Roll out the shade cloth on the roof of the greenhouse and allow the cloth to drop on each side of the greenhouse for complete coverage of the sides.

Attach the cloth to the roof of the greenhouse on one of the longest sides with a heavy duty staple gun, stapling every 12 inches. Staple the cloth to the roof in the same manner on the opposite side, pulling the cloth with medium pressure to smooth out wrinkles. Continue to staple on the two shorter sides of the roof to ensure that the cloth is secured on all sides.

Attach shark bite S hooks according to the packaged instructions to each corner of the greenhouse, 1 to 2 feet from the top of the greenhouse. This allows you to roll up the shade cloth when you need to allow more light into the space during periods of low light.