How to Convert WAV to DSS

DSS, which stands for Digital Speech Standard, is the file format used by Olympus voice recorders. If you have a WAV file that you want to use on your Olympus voice recorder, you'll have to convert that WAV file to a DSS file by using the Switch Audio File Converter.

Visit the NCH Software website (see Resources). Download and install the Switch Audio File Converter program to your computer. This is freeware, so you do not have to pay for it.

Launch the Switch Audio File Converter on your computer. Select the WAV file by clicking "Add Files."

Set your output folder location by clicking "Browse" by "Output Folder." Select the location on your computer for the new DSS files.

Use the drop-down menu by "Output Format" to make your output selection. Click on the menu to pop it out and select "DSS" from the available options.

Locate the "Convert" button and click on it to start the conversion. A pop-up screen will allow you to follow the progress of the conversion. Click "Done" to close the screen.

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