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How to Grow Cherries in a Greenhouse

Updated February 21, 2017

Greenhouses offer warmth and protection from harsh outdoor weather, as well as protection from animals who like to nibble on your plants. Greenhouses also make it more pleasant to manage your plants during months with extreme temperatures. Cherries are a perfect choice for greenhouse growing, as they are especially sensitive to weather, and birds love to strip cherry trees of their fruit. In a greenhouse, you can grow your own pie filling in no time.

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  1. Choose the type of cherries you would like to grow. Since you will be growing them in a greenhouse, choose a type that does not require cross-pollination, unless you wish to plant more than one cherry tree. Sour cherries are generally self-pollinating. Montmorency cherry trees produce a sour cherry that's commonly used for making pies.

  2. Plant your cherry tree in a suitable container with holes in the bottom so that it can properly drain. Cherry trees do not like to be waterlogged. The size of the container depends on the size and variety of the tree. Large, heavy-duty plastic growing tubs work best. Even if you are planting a dwarf cherry tree, it is best to give it room. You will also do less repotting this way.

  3. Use rich potting soil in your tub and mix it with a bit of peat so that it maintains its ability to drain well. As with most other plants and crops, maintain a normal soil pH between 6.2 and 6.8. Test your soil with a pH kit if you are concerned. Fluff out the roots a bit if they are stuck together from being shipped to you or your local garden shop. Place the ball of roots into your container so that the crown of the roots at the base of the trunk is just at the surface of the soil. Water it well and place it in a full-sun area of your greenhouse.

  4. Keep the tree well watered, but never drenched. Keep an eye on the temperature of the greenhouse. Cherry trees do not like extreme heat, so if you live in an area that nears 37.8 degrees C in the summer, keep the air in your greenhouse circulating with fans. In the winter months, cherries like a nice, cold season. However, make sure that the temperature of the greenhouse does not fall below freezing.

  5. Harvest the fruits as they become ready. Most cherry trees will not bear fruit until after two to three years.

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Things You'll Need

  • Well-draining, large growing container
  • Potting soil

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