Getting your music into the iTunes Music Store can be a huge step to gaining necessary exposure, especially if you are a band that is unrepresented by a major music label. Publishing your music on iTunes does not cost anything, but will require you to complete a specific process in order to do so. You can publish music on iTunes as often or as infrequently as you'd like.


1. Label or Distributor

See There are two methods to publish on Apple Music.

  • Label artists​: Your label will handle the music delivery on your behalf to take care of your distribution needs.
  • Independent artists​: You will need a direct partnership with an Apple-preferred distributor with the tools and resources to get you started.

2. Find an Apple-preferred distributor

Music distributors handle your administration and revenue collection. Apple explains the basics of music publishing in a support document, you should read. Understand your rights.


3. There are five Apple Preferred Plus

  • Believe Digital
  • CD Baby
  • FUGA
  • Kontor New Media
  • The Orchard

4. Understand your Apple Music Royalties

Apple explains their 52% royalty rate. The average royalty play rate is $0.01. Apple released statistics stating:

Apple Music paid out royalties for more than 5 million recording artists around the world in 2020, over 1 million more than in 2019.

They continue to explain:

The number of recording artists whose catalogs generated recording and publishing royalties over $1 million per year increased over 120% since 2017, while the number of recording artists whose catalogs generated over $50,000 per year has more than doubled.