How to put on a halti

Training your dog to not pull is an important job for any owner, but it becomes imperative if an injury or other change in circumstances makes it crucial for the dog not to lunge. However, certain dogs resist all training efforts not to yank the leash.

The Halti Head Harness is designed to mimic the concept behind a horse's halter, and gives owners control by letting them lead their dogs by their head. Although care must be taken when using a Halti on your dog, most anyone can learn to use one.

Buy the correct size. Haltis come in different sizes, so make sure you check the guidelines on the back of the package before purchasing. Obviously, a Halti designed for a St. Bernard will not properly fit a Yorkie.

Put the Halti on your dog. Put the muzzle loop over the muzzle, using a treat to persuade your dog if it's reluctant. Then bring the head strap back to snap buckle behind the ears.

Adjust the strap. Once the Halti is on, make sure the collar is snug but loose enough so that you can fit two fingers underneath the strap going behind the ears easily.

Give your dog time to adjust. Many dogs do not enjoy the feel of the Halti at first and will attempt to remove it with their paws. Try placing the collar on the dog for a few minutes at a time, several times a day, before actually attaching a leash. Give the dog treats when it acts calmly with the collar on to get the dog eager to wear it.

Attach a leash to the metal leash ring dangling below the dog's chin and take your dog for a walk. The Halti should prevent your dog from pulling very hard. Gently turn your dog's head to the side with the leash if it tries to pull or go the wrong way. Praise the dog for not pulling.