How to print game DVD case labels

Empty Xbox360 game case

There are many reasons for replacing the case inserts for your video games. The store might have placed a sticker on the paper that ripped halfway down the front on removal or your dog might have wanted attention and took out its frustration on the case, chewing up the label as well. Perhaps you just hate the artwork used for the case insert and want to replace it with your own creation. Whatever the reason, the process of creating and printing a new insert for your video game case is easy.

Empty Xbox360 game case

Remove the insert from the video game case. To prevent damage to the case and the insert, open the case until the protective plastic cover moves away from the case, then gently pull the insert out. Take note the insert contains three parts: the front cover, the spine and the back cover. Before creating your own cover, plan out what you want to appear on the front, side and back. Hold on to the insert for reference during the remainder of this guide.


Open your preferred image-editing software and create a new image with the dimensions 27cm3mm width by 18cm3mm height. 27cm3mm by 18cm3mm is the approximate size of a standard DVD label, which the inserts of video games are based upon. The DVD size insert will work for the PlayStation 3, Xbox360 and Wii consoles (see References).

Insert layout

Create a template for your insert by drawing vertical lines at the 13cm and 14cm5mm marks. The area between the vertical lines represents the spine of the DVD case, the blank area on the left is the back cover and the blank area on the right will contain the front cover.

Example insert

Design the insert with custom art and text. Have fun with this step. Design an insert that shows off your artistic prowess or lack there of. Make sure you have permission to use artwork found elsewhere, if you plan on displaying your custom insert for public viewing.

Cut around the insert

Print the custom insert and trim off excess paper. There is room for error on all sides, especially in width. A page cutter is recommended, but not necessary for this step.


Slip the new insert into the game case, aligning the paper by the spine. Professional game inserts do not fully cover the case, so do not worry about excess space. As long as the spine area is where it ought to be, then the insert will look fine.

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