How to Install a Franke Sink

Franke manufactures a wide variety of kitchen sinks and accessories in stainless steel, granite and other materials. Franke sinks come in both under-mount and countertop-mount styles, with on-deck or countertop faucet placement options. Installing a Franke sink is a fairly easy DIY project that only takes a few hours.

Lay the template included with your Franke sink over the solid countertop, or current sink opening. Make sure the template is flat, level and square, and tape it into place. Mark the counter with a pencil along the perimeter of the template.

If necessary, cut an opening in the countertop along the template line. Alternately, adjust the current opening to fit the specifications of your new Franke sink. Run a circular saw carefully around the outer perimeter of the template outline and cut a smooth, even opening. Dry fit the sink to ensure proper fit and opening. File down any edges that prevent the sink from sliding in square or level.

Run a bead of silicone caulking along the inner top edge of the sink opening and drop the counter-mount sink into position. Press it into place firmly and evenly. Make sure the sink is level.

Run a bead of caulking along the top outside edge of an under-mount sink and push it up into position along the opening. Hold the sink in position.

Screw down mounting clips from the underside of the sink in keeping with Franke's instructions for your particular sink model. Make hot and cold water connections; connect the faucet hoses to each of the two water-supply lines and tighten down the nuts one turn beyond hand tight. Attach the U-shaped drain assemblies for each side of the sink to the pea trap by tightening down each of the connector nuts.

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