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Concrete curbing can be a beautiful and durable option for landscaping edges and borders. Making the curbing is not difficult, and it allows for personal touches such as the addition of colours and decorative stamping in the concrete. Do it yourself, following the steps below.

Using landscaping paint, mark off the area on the ground where you want the curbing. Use a pick and shovel to dig out this area to a depth of at least four inches and compact the soil in the trench firmly to prevent settling.

Use recycled plastic bender board as concrete forms inside the walls of your trench. This material can be ripped to allow for different heights and is bendable to allow for curved curbing. Set the bender board inside the trench and stake into place using the 3/8-inch rebar pieces as stakes. Hold the bender board in place, and then drive the stakes into the ground on both sides of the bender board to hold it there. Do this every few feet as needed and especially at spots where you want the curbing to curve.

Prepare ready mix concrete from a bag by adding water as described in the directions. If desired, add concrete pigment to colour the concrete to your preference. The directions on the pigment will specify what quantities to use, but you might add more to get a darker shade of colour. Pour the concrete into the forms and smooth the surface with a finishing trowel. Use a curved edger trowel for the curbing's rounded edges.

Allow excess water that has risen to the surface of the concrete to evaporate and add any decorative stamping or indentations to the concrete surface while the concrete is wet.

Allow the concrete to cure, remove the bender board forms, and your decorative concrete curbing is complete.

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