How to knit gloves with two needles

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While most glove patterns call for double pointed needles, you can knit gloves on straight needles. Many vintage glove patterns were designed for straight knitting needles, relying upon grafted kitchener stitch seams to finish each finger. Lace and cable patterns can be worked on the knit gloves as you desire, and sizes can easily be adjusted by changing the needle size and gauge or adding stitches in both width and length to fit.

Knit a gauge swatch. Use approximately 56.7 to 85.1 g (2 to 3 oz) fingering weight yarn, preferably a soft wool. You should have a gauge of 32 stitches and 40 rows to 10 cm (4 inches) in stockinet stitch for a size medium glove. Drop to a size one needle to knit a women's-size small glove. Choose long, straight needles size 10, 11 or 12) in order to easily make a glove knit on two needles.

Cast on 50 stitches using your preferred cast on. Knit 36 rows in knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. Work six rows even in stockinet stitch, knitting all right-side rows and purling all wrong-side rows. On row 7, knit 20 stitches, place a stitch marker, knit front and back, knit 1, knit front and back, place a marker, and knit even to the end of the row. Continue purling across even rows. Work your thumb gusset, increasing after the first marker and before the second every fourth row until you have 66 stitches on your needle.

Shape the thumb. Knit 40 stitches, starting on a right side row. Turn and purl 17. Cast on four stitches with a thumb cast on and work on these 21 stitches for 32 rows or the length required for your thumb. Knit two together across the next row. Purl back and knit two together again across the row. Pull the working yarn through the remaining stitches, leaving enough length to graft the thumb seam when the glove is complete.

Pick up and knit five stitches from the base of the thumb. Knit across the entire row, including the 23 stitches that were held while you worked the thumb. Work 17 rows in stockinet stitch. More rows may be worked to add length to the hand, if desired.

Hold the work with the right side facing. Knit 34 stitches, turn and cast on three stitches, turn again and purl 19. Work 32 or more rows in stockinet to form the first finger. Decrease as for thumb. Pick up four stitches for the second finger. Knit seven from the back of the knit glove and cast on three stitches. Turn and purl 19 stitches. Work 34 rows on these 19 stitches, then decrease as you have previously.

Pick up and knit four stitches from the base of the middle finger of the knit glove, knit six from the back of the glove, cast on three stitches, turn and purl 19. Continue as for the other fingers. Finally, pick up and knit three from the base of the ring finger. Knit 14, turn and purl 17 stitches. Work approximately 26 rows and decrease as for the other fingers.

Kitchener stitch the seams of the thumb and each finger, then the side seam of the glove. Knit a second glove according to the same pattern for a plain stockinet stitch glove knit on two needles. If you are working a cable or lace onto the back of the knit glove, you will need to reverse shaping accordingly.

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