How to Build the Eiffel Tower with Things at Home

You can make the Eiffel Tower from things found around your home instead of purchasing an expensive or complicated kit. Whether you are building it for a school project or for pleasure, you can make your Eiffel Tower just as attractive as one made from a kit. More so, actually, as you will be able to ensure the details are as accurate as you wish. Be creative when choosing your materials to make a truly one of a kind model.

Choose your building material. Matchsticks, cardboard or toothpicks are available in most homes, but you can use any material that you think would make a good model.

Print a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Find a picture that shows the tower from one side. You just need to build four of that side and attach them together to make the tower. Blow the picture up to the size you want your finished tower to be before printing.

Cut out the picture, getting rid of as much blank space as possible. Don't worry about cutting out all the small spaces.

Trace the picture onto your building material if it is large, such as cardboard. If you are using smaller items, such as matchsticks, lay them on top of the photo along the lines of the tower.

Glue together your building materials once you have them laid out. Repeat the process for the other three sides.

Assemble the four sides and glue together. Use twisty ties to hold the sides together as the glue dries. Paint your tower if you wish.

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