How to start an in-home nail business

If you have a talent for painting nails and doing nail design, you may want to consider opening up your own nail business. A great option for starting a nail business is to do the business in your own home.

This way you can avoid having to pay hefty rental fees for an outside location; doing this could really help you get on your feet. As with any business, there are certain steps you must take to begin running a business, particularly a nail business from inside your home.

Secure all the necessary licenses and permits for your in-home nail business. You can do this at your local town hall. You will be required to have a permit that allows customers to come into your home to have their nails done. This is very important because there can be a lot of liabilities when it comes to running a business, and in this case you will want to make sure that both your home and business are protected. If you live a community, you may also have to have your business cleared by your homeowners' association.

Designate a room or an area of your home for your nail business. Many women go to a nail salon in order to experience some pampering and have a relaxing experience. You will want to provide this experience for your clients. Make sure you have an area that is separate from the rest of your home. It would be a nice touch if you could have relaxing music, a massage chair and a foot spa for your clients. You will also want to make sure you have shelves to display all your different types of nail polishes.

Make sure you are well stocked with a variety of polishes and other hand- and foot-pampering products. You will not want your clientele to feel short-changed selection wise because they opted to go to an in-home nail business rather than a traditional one.

Advertise your in-home business. Having an in-home nail business can be challenging because you do not have a storefront to draw in customers. You will want to go to extra lengths to get the word out about your services such as posting flyers, attending network groups and handing out business cards. You may even want to provide referral fees to give your initial clients an incentive to spread the word about your nail business.