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Make Money Selling Used Golf Balls

Updated February 21, 2017

Used golf balls can come in handy when you want to practice your long or short golf game. If you happen to have hundreds of used golf balls, however, you may be looking to just get rid of them. Selling your used golf balls at a yard sale can make you a couple of dollars but that isn't the only option.

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  1. Start off by purchasing a golf ball retriever. These devices will allow you to fish used golf balls out of ponds found at local golf courses. There are numerous different retrievers out on the market and these can be found either at a local golf shop or on the Internet. See the Resources section below for one example of a golf ball retriever.

  2. Speak with owners of local golf courses about using the golf ball retriever at their courses. Many golf course owners will allow you to search for used golf balls in ponds on the course because they don't want to spend the time doing so themselves. By going to a handful of local golf courses during the summer and searching for used golf balls in ponds, you can find hundreds of used golf balls.

  3. Inspect the used golf balls. You can hold onto any used golf balls that are just dirty. If the balls are damaged in anyway, however, you should throw them away as you won't be able to sell those.

  4. Clean the used golf balls. Fill a sink with warm water. Then, add roughly a fourth of a cup of dish soap to the water. Soak the golf balls in the solution for about a half hour or so. Then, scrub the balls with a washcloth. You can let the golf balls air dry or dry them with a dishtowel when you are finished.

  5. Decide how you want to separate the golf balls. You could choose to sell the same brand of golf ball in one set (such as Top Flite) or you could create "mix and match" sets. Most buyers will be searching for a specific brand of ball, but you can choose to sell the used golf balls any way that you wish.

  6. Contact local golf courses and driving ranges regarding the used golf balls. These places will purchase used golf balls throughout the entire season, especially during the middle of the summer. When you call a driving range or golf course, you will need to tell the person you're speaking to how many golf balls you're selling, what brand(s) you're selling and how many of each brand you have. Once you do this, you will be made an offer for the golf balls. It's wise to get an offer from at least three different courses or ranges in order to get the best deal for your used golf balls.

  7. Call "mini golf" courses in your area. It's important to remember that not every mini golf establishment uses the multi coloured golf balls. These establishments may also make offers for your used golf balls. Just as in the previous step, it's to your benefit to contact several different mini golf businesses in your area in order to get the best offer.

  8. Sell the used golf balls on eBay. When you sell the golf balls on the Internet, you get to decide the price for each golf balls or for a set of balls. You should price the golf balls at around 25 cents to 75 cents per golf ball. You may be able to get a dollar for used golf balls that are in near-new condition. Remember to charge for shipping, as well, or else you won't make as much money selling your used golf balls on eBay.

  9. Tip

    Purchase a golf ball retriever that comes with a light, as this will make finding the golf balls located in ponds much easier.


    Never search for used golf balls without the permission of the course owner. Otherwise, you could get cited for trespassing and even theft.

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Things You'll Need

  • Washcloth
  • Sink
  • Soap

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