How to purchase vitamin B17

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Vitamin B17, which is another name for amygdalin (laetrile is a purified form), has been used to prevent and treat cancer worldwide. Found in fruit pits, raw bitter almonds, and other plants such as millet and bean sprouts, cyanide is believed to be the cancer killing compound in amygdalin.

Buying Vitamin B17

Buying B17 Tablets from Health Food Stores:

The FDA does not allow information regarding potential medical benefits of Vitamin B17 to be posted or sold in the same area where supplies of B17 supplements are sold. Therefore, you should memorise or bring written dosage information with you to your local health food store (see "tips" for additional information).

Buying B17 Tablets Online:

It is easy to find sellers of B17 on the Internet by doing a search for "buy Vitamin B17." Check the location of the manufacturer and research the seller if possible. Laetrile from Mexico has been found to contain bacteria and other substances.

Buying Food Sources of Vitamin B17:

Raw apricot seeds (seven to ten a day) are thought to be the best natural source of Vitamin B17 (purchase online if you can't find them in your local health food store). Other sources include flax seeds and flax oil, barley, raw bitter almonds, lima beans, mung bean sprouts (approximately one cup constitutes a good serving of B17) and millet.