How to Make Essential Cinnamon Oil

A. Johnson

Fragrant essential oils can be made from spices and herbs. Cinnamon sticks can be used to make essential cinnamon oil. Essential oils can be made by various processes such as distillation, which makes a very concentrated cinnamon oil. Use the cinnamon leaves rather than the cinnamon sticks, as that process can create a highly concentrated essential oil that might be toxic in some situations.

Purchase a glass jar filled with cinnamon sticks. When buying cinnamon sticks they often come packaged in a glass jar. If you purchase cinnamon sticks this way, you can use the jar, along with the sticks to make your essential cinnamon oil.

Pour olive oil into the glass jar of cinnamon sticks, until they are covered. Tightly secure the lid on the jar.

Set the jar of oil and cinnamon sticks in a sunny window and leave it there for two weeks. Shake the jar daily to help the process along.

Filter the olive oil by removing and discarding the cinnamon sticks and straining the oil.

Return the oil to a clean glass container with a lid and store in a cool, dark location.

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