How to get HGH legally

Studies in the early 1990s sparked interest in human growth hormone for fitness and vitality. Nevertheless, use of HGH for purely anti-ageing or athletic purposes remains illegal, with good reason. Hormones are potent natural chemicals that can have profound effects on the body.

HGH stimulates cell growth and when added from external sources, some scientists fear, can increase risk of cancer. The primary legal use of HGH remains the medical treatment with serious growth challenges.

Talk to your doctor. The only legal way to get and use HGH is through a doctor's prescription. The first step is to talk to your doctor about your reasons for seeking HGH and to discover whether anything in your medical history would make HGH treatment especially risky.

Get a blood test. Though it's illegal to use HGH for anti-ageing therapy, a doctor can legally prescribe it if patients show low natural HGH levels in their blood. It is essential to get blood drawn and have it specifically tested for HGH.

Visit an anti-ageing clinic. Because doctors can prescribe HGH for legitimate reasons, anti-ageing clinics are able to operate on the edge of the law. If you do visit an anti-ageing clinic, make sure you see a licensed medical doctor. Beware of doctors that are willing to prescribe HGH without consulting your medical history and taking a blood test. They probably don't have your best interests in mind and might be breaking the law.

You can stimulate natural HGH production. The only place to legally get HGH without a prescription is your own body. Natural production can be promoted by consuming essential amino lysine, through beans, spinach or red meat, exercising regularly, especially with resistance training, and getting plenty of sleep.