How to paint large circles on walls

Tuie your wall circles into curtains, carpet and furniture.

Creating your own look and design on your walls can be satisfying and fun to do. You can create a pattern or use random circles to set up your design, and they can overlap or vary in size. Additional add-ons may be painted with the circles, such as names, characters or designs. Whichever way suits your room best, painting circles in your room is sure to make your room memorable and one of a kind.

Draw a sketch of how you would like your room to look. Decide if circles are going to be placed randomly around, in a set pattern or just in one location to write out a name or saying.

Pick out your paint colours. Most walls will use a semi-gloss paint. To mix up the textures and look, a variation of flat, semi-gloss and high-gloss paints may be used. Be sure to select the right paint brushes and sponges to paint your circles.

For circles from 2.5 to 20 cm (1 to 8 inches), a circle cutter can be used to make your circle template. For circles larger than this, they will have to be drawn out and then painted by hand. Decide on the size of your circles.

Paint the base wall colour and allow it to dry for several days before beginning to paint the circles to go on top. If you paint too closely together, the masking tape will pull the new paint off.

For smaller circles, place a piece of contact paper onto the wall where the circle is going to be painted. Set the circle cutter to the size of your choice. Place the circle cutter in the middle of where the circle will be and use the cutter to cut around and through the contact paper to form the circle. Peel the middle contact paper circle off. The remaining contact paper is now your template to paint the circle as it serves as masking tape to stay in the lines. Use the paint brush or sponge to paint the colour of your choice for the circle. Be careful to not press the paint under the template.

For larger circles, tie a piece of string around a pencil. Measure the length of the string to make the size of the circle. For instance; a 50 cm (20 inch) circle will need a 25 cm (10 inch) long piece of string. Next, attach the other end of the string to a drawing pin. Place this drawing pin in the middle where the circle will be located. Pull the pencil taut and draw the circle.

Place masking tape around the edges of the drawn circle. Because the tape is straight, the tape will be overlapped and built up until it creates the circle shape. Now paint with the paint brush or sponge.

Remove the contact paper or painter's tape once the circle has dried. Continue this process for each circle. If you make several templates, they can be painted at the same time. Look to see if any touch ups are needed for the paint. Now any extra add-ons can be painted, such as the letters for names, characters or designs.

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