How to Reset a Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch dishwashers are slightly difficult to reset due to the controls being hidden on the top of the door. If the dishwasher is in the wash or rinse cycle, avoid burns by opening the door just enough to stop the machine from running.

Wait at least 10 seconds or until the water noises have stopped before you open the door enough to operate the keys. Section 1 of this article explains how to reset most Bosch dishwasher models, while Section 2 explains how to reset Bosch Ascenta dishwashers.

Open the dishwasher door far enough to expose the control buttons then press the two buttons labelled "Cancel Drain" and hold for three seconds.

Close the door. Wait approximately one minute for the dishwasher to complete the cycle.

Open the door and press the "ON/OFF" button.

Deactivate the child lock if necessary by pressing and holding "<" until the "CL" disappears from the display.

Open the door enough to expose the controls, then press the "START RESET" button until the "ACTIVE" LED goes out. On the SHE5AM model, press the "START RESET" button until the display clock changes to "0:01".

Close the door and wait approximately one minute. On the SHE5AM, wait until the display clock shows "0:00".

Open the door and press the "ON/OFF" button.