How to Make Mane Out of Yarn for a Lion Costume

Making a lion costume may seem like it would be a difficult task. There are some creative shortcuts that will simplify the process and the ending result can be imaginative and realistic. For example, when you learn how to make the mane for the lion costume out of yarn, you will see how easy it is and great it looks when you are done.

Lay the hooded sweatshirt out on a flat working surface with the top of the sweatshirt facing up. Adjust the seams of the sweatshirt so they are all aligned and neat.

Begin to cut the hood from the base of the sweatshirt. Cut approximately one inch below the seam that attaches the hood to the sweatshirt. Cut all the way around the neckline to completely detach the hood from the sweatshirt.

Turn under the edge of the hood to conceal the raw edges. Pin in place to secure.

Stitch around the pinned edge to finish the bottom edge of the hood.

Measure and cut 4-inch lengths of the three colours of yarn. You will need a good number of each colour. Place the cut lengths of yarn into three piles separated by colour.

Thread one 4-inch length of yarn (any colour) onto the yarn needle.

Insert the needle into the underside of the hood at one edge near the bottom. You will be filling in the entire area of the hood that surrounds the face as the hood is worn with yarn.

Pull the needle up through the hood leaving enough yarn on the underside of the hood to tie a knot. Remove the needle from the length of yarn and set it aside for a moment.

Tie one overhand knot with the yarn on the underside of the hood to secure this piece of the lion mane.

Repeat steps 6 through 9 to add more lengths of yarn to the lion's mane. Mix up the yarn colours so that the mane has a varied colour appearance. Make the mane as thick as you desire by filling in the yarn as thinly or as thickly as you like.

Place the hood on the head and tie the hood under the chin to secure the main to the face.

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