How to Play Monopoly Jr.

Monopoly junior is an easier, shorter version of the classic board game Monopoly and is most appropriate for children between 5- and 8-years-old. The original Monopoly junior is amusement-park themed, though other editions of the game are geared towards Disney characters and even dinosaurs.

Monopoly junior is best played when there is at least one reader in the group who can help younger players read their cards.

Unpack Monopoly junior on a flat playing surface and make sure you have all the pieces you need. The complete game includes 1 playing board, pretend money, 4 game pieces (car movers), a pack of Chance cards, 48 ticket booth pieces in assorted colours and 1 die.

Assign someone in your group to be the banker. The banker is responsible for issuing money to all players and collecting fees throughout the game. At the beginning of the game, the banker deals out one £3 bill, one £2 bill, three £1.90 bills, four £1.30 bills and five 60p bills to each person playing.

Shuffle the Chance cards. After shuffling, place the deck of cards on the marked spot on the board.

Choose a car mover for each player and put them on the "Go" space on the Monopoly junior board.

Roll the die when it's your turn. Move the number of spaces that correspond to the number on the die. Each space on the board will tell you something to do, whether it is to pay a bill, receive an unexpected windfall from the bank or another player, take a Chance card and follow its directions, or just wait until your next turn.

Buy amusements (amusements correspond to properties in the original Monopoly) as you land on them, as long as no one else already owns it. If you do not have enough money to pay the price of the amusement, you will have to pass on purchasing it and wait until you have earned enough money.

Work towards being able to buy all of the amusements that are the same colour. When you have all of them, you've got a monopoly and can start buying ticket booths to put on them (the equivalent of houses and hotels in the original game). You can barter with your fellow players to get the properties you want.

Pay your fellow players rent when you land on one of their amusements. The price you pay is higher if they have a ticket booth on the property.

Collect £1.30 from the banker every time you pass the "Go" space.

Continue playing until one player loses all of her money. This signifies the end of the game. All remaining players count their money to determine who has the most cash to win the game.