How to Start a Paintball Field Business

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Nearly 5 million of us a year enjoy paintballing, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturing Association. Paintball enthusiasts are spending more money on the latest guns and equipment, paintball pellets, attire, and time at their local paintball field. You can capture a piece of this growing industry by opening up your own paintball field.

Find out about your nearby competitors. If there are no other paintball fields in your area, you're in luck. You may still be able to have a successful business even if there are other local fields, but it will probably be more challenging.

Choose a location. The type of location you need will depend highly on the specifics of your business plan. For example, if you plan to open up an indoor paintball field, an old warehouse will probably suffice. However, an outdoor field will require a sizeable plot of land with large wooded areas.

Plan how to finance your business endeavour. sets the start-up cost of a paintball field at around £9,750 ($15,000). If necessary, consult a bank or lender about the possibility of a small business loan.

Take care of the red tape. Purchase insurance for your business that includes an excellent liability plan. Find out about any licensing necessary for your area. Finally, contact your local city hall to find out about any zoning requirements for your business location.

Begin construction. Choose an area to use as a car park, as well as a building location. Your building can be as simple as a small shed containing an office, a bathroom, and storage space for rental gear. Alternatively, you could construct a large building with an indoor field, office, and gift shop. Determine what type of building fits your needs and construct accordingly. Once your building is constructed, set up water, power, and phone lines.

Section off your land according to how you want to use it. If you plan to have multiple fields, have them marked clearly for the players.


Set your fields up for play. This will probably include thinning the brush from playing fields and bringing in natural or artificial bunkers.

Purchase the necessary equipment. Some typical necessities include a CO2 tank, a nitrogen tank, paintball markers, paintballs, face masks, camouflage, and referee uniforms. You will also need a cash register and credit card machine. Many paintball fields also sell paintball equipment, T-shirts, and other souvenir items.

Determine prices. While cost varies from one location to the next, the average paintball field charges between £16 and £22 ($25 and $35 ) per person per day, with additional fees for equipment rentals.

Advertise your business. Start with a "now hiring" ad before you do anything else. Once you feel confident in your staff, open your paintball field to the public.

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