How to tell if a goldfish is pregnant

Gold fish in aquarium image by Mykola Velychko from

Every now and then a goldfish purchased at a store will arrive pregnant. However, it can be hard to tell whether the goldfish is ready to lay eggs. There is specific treatment that female goldfish should receive if they are pregnant.

It is important to keep track of the pregnancy to make sure that the babies will survive once they hatch from the eggs. It is also important to keep the mother away from the eggs after she has laid them. Pregnant goldfish should also be kept in isolation away from other fish of any kind.

Determine the sex of your goldfish. It can be very difficult to tell the sex of goldfish, but it is not impossible. Some varieties of goldfish are naturally fatter in the middle than others, which makes it even harder to tell if one is pregnant. Male goldfish will often have white tubercles on their gills. Females will often be slightly larger in size than males. Take your goldfish to the pet store where you bought it to have them verify the sex of the goldfish. You could also take the goldfish to a veterinarian who deals with fish. Once you have made sure that your fish is female, you can watch to see if she is pregnant.

Prepare the tank for ideal egg-laying conditions. If you suspect your goldfish is pregnant you should be ready to care for the eggs. Use a large tank at least 20 gallons in size, and plant it with live foxtail and hornwort plants. These are ideal for goldfish to lay their eggs in. Make sure to have a water heater in the tank as well as an air stone. Feed the fish bloodworms to eat. Keep the water temperature around 21.1 degrees C.

Keep watch over the next few weeks to see if the goldfish gets any bigger. If she does, she probably is carrying eggs. Make sure she is the only goldfish in the tank.

After a few weeks, the goldfish should lay her eggs. Keep a close watch for this. If the goldfish remains in the tank after the eggs are laid, she will be likely to eat them.

Separate the goldfish from the eggs. Place her in the other tank. Wait for the goldfish eggs to hatch. When they do, leave them in the spawning tank for several weeks as they grow stronger. Once the eggs hatch turn the water temperature down so the water is a little cooler. Baby goldfish can eat regular goldfish food, so just feed them once a day like the other fish.