How to Bleed the Rear Brakes on a Motorcycle Trike

Motorcycle trikes are three-wheeled motorcycles that normally have larger engines, safer and more comfortable seats, and more stable turning abilities. Just like cars, most trikes are outfitted with hydraulic disc brakes as they offer increased stopping ability and ease of use not offered by other brake types.

However, if you change the brake fluid or there is a problem in the brake lines somewhere, you can introduce air into the hydraulic system which leads to inconsistent braking. The fix for this type of problem is bleeding the brakes.

Locate the brake reservoir for the rear brake. It should be near the brake lever and will look like a black box or carton. Use the screwdriver to unscrew the screws holding the cap on the reservoir and remove the cap.

Use the appropriately sized crescent wrench to loosen the bleed valves on each of the rear wheel cylinders of the trike. Have your helper pump the brake pedal until you see brake fluid come out of the bleeder valve.

Begin pouring brake fluid into the reservoir while your helper continues to pump the brake pedal. Continue this process of pumping the brake pedal while pouring fluid until you see a solid stream of brake fluid coming out of the bleeder valves instead of intermittent streams. This indicates that all of the air has been removed from the system.