How to mount military medals

One of the most important parts of a military dress uniform is the medals. This is also the portion of the uniform that causes the most stress to military members. Each medal has its own order of precedence and must be mounted in the correct position. Also, each military member will have their own set of medals, and everyone’s rack will be different. You must make sure your medals are perfect before you place them on your uniform.

Determine what medals you have been awarded. You can obtain this information from your military unit or your military service record. If you are a veteran, this information can be found in Block 13 of your DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. If you are a veteran of a National Guard component, this information will be located in Block 15 of your NGB-22, National Guard Bureau Report of Separation and Record of Service.

Purchase your medals and a rack to mount them on. You can obtain these items from your local military clothing sales store, or online from many vendors. Make sure you purchase your medals from a military-approved vendor.

Determine the order of precedence for your medals. You can find this information by looking in the uniform regulation or instruction for your particular branch of the military, or by using one of the many charts on the Internet.

Mount your medals on the rack. Start with the lowest medal first, and then work your way to the top. Take your time. You want to make sure each medal is perfect.

Attach your medals to your uniform. You can look at your service's specific uniform regulation or instruction for assistance in determining the proper position for your medals.

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