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How to Cancel a Credit Card Payment

Updated March 21, 2017

Should you need to cancel a credit card payment, it's an easy process. Most credit card companies make it easy to cancel payments either on the Internet or with a phone call to their customer service department.

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  1. Identify the company or provider for the card that you're interested in cancelling a payment on. This information will be easily found in the bill it has sent you or perhaps on the card itself.

  2. Decide whether you'd like to cancel over the Internet or make a phone call. This is a matter of personal preference. In some instances, cancelling over the Internet can be the faster route, as customer call centres are often swamped by many callers.

  3. Gather all your credit card account information. Whether you call in or cancel over the Internet, you'll need to tell them your account number, your name and verification of identity. The credit card company also needs the billing number for your payment. This is the number affiliated with the payment you're trying to cancel.

  4. Give all the requested information to the operator or follow the steps on the credit card company's website. Click on Cancel a Payment and type in your personal and payment information. If you call your cancellation in, be sure to specify that you are cancelling a payment.

  5. Provide a reason for your cancelled payment. It's likely you will be asked for one and there's no problem with cancelling a payment. As a credit user, it's a wise decision to be in good communication with creditors.

  6. Warning

    Though cancelling a payment in itself is not a serious mark on your credit, cancelling many payments or not paying count negatively against you.

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Things You'll Need

  • Payment information
  • Credit card account number

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