How to Crochet a Square Blanket

Crocheting a square blanket is not a difficult project. You can use any combination of colours or stitches, and the process is easy enough for a beginner. Just take your time and prepare properly, and you can complete the blanket quickly and easily.

Make a pattern. You can be as creative as you want. Choose from one full square, two halves or four quarters. Determine how big you want your blanket to be. As an example, let's say 48 inches square. You can do one 48-inch square piece, two 24-by-48-inch pieces or four 1-by-24-inch pieces. Think about doing stripes: two rows of one colour and two rows of another.

Choose the yarn and the stitch you want to use. You can use a 2-ply yarn like fingering yarn, or thicker 4-ply knitting worsted weight. Make a sample using crochet hooks of different sizes. The stitches will come out different for each crafter, because some stitch tightly and some loosely. Using a single crochet stitch will give you a tighter, more solid stitch. A double crochet will give a more open look. Of course, you can always use a combination of the two stitches.

Use your gauge. When you make the test swatches, note how many stitches there are to the inch, as well as how many rows there are to the inch in the one you decide to use. This is important for the multi-piece styles. It is the best way to make sure each piece comes out the same size.

Join the pieces. Use a tapestry needle and a whip stitch to attach the pieces. Weave in all the tails and do everything from the wrong side. Check from time to time to make sure you are matching up the corresponding rows from the pieces.

Make a border. This is necessary to give the blanket a finished look. Start at a corner and use double crochet (no matter which stitch or stitches you used in the blanket itself). It goes faster--you only have to do half the rounds you would with a single crochet. When you get to a corner, do three double crochet stitches in the corner stitch to make it turn evenly. Do about three rows, tie off and weave in the end.

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