Compare pharmacy prices

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Many people do not conduct pharmacy price comparisons. However, the price of a particular drug can vary considerably between online pharmacies, brick-and-mortar pharmacies, discount chain stores, Canadian pharmacies and even mail-order pharmacies.

Read on to learn how to compare pharmacy prices from a number of different sources. and Destination Rx ( are good resources to compare a number of online pharmacies such as,,,,, and Click on the drug you are interested in or type the drug name into the search engine box listed. Click on the dosage you are interested in purchasing. The result will be a chart that will provide the list of prices, applicable shipping fees, estimated shipping time and more.

Compare brick-and-mortar pharmacies. You can do this by calling some of your local pharmacies to inquire about the price of a particular medication.

Check to see whether your state has a drug comparison website. Check a search engine for "your state drug comparison website." Below are a few that might be helpful if you live in one of the states listed. Florida - Indiana - New York - Maryland - Minnesota - Michigan - Ohio - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New Mexico - Vermont - Washington - *West Virginia -

Log onto This website can tell you whether there is a generic version of your drug as well as provide a comparison on generic and nongeneric prices.

Review mail-order prescription costs. Call your health insurance company and ask them about the details of their mail-order prescription price plan. Some insurance companies will provide a three-month supply of a medication for the cost of a two-month supply.