How to make a fabric wreath

A fabric holiday wreath allows you to tailor the colour and design of the wreath to match the decorating style of your home. This adorable fabric wreath is quick and easy, requires minimal skill, and is sure to add holiday cheer.

Purchase green cotton fabric at your fabric store. Look for a small print that has more than one shade of green or choose several shades of the same colour. This will add texture and dimension to the finished project. Select a small section of red fabric that complements the print; although this can certainly be a small print design, a solid colour will work best for this project.

Cut the fabric into 4-inch squares using pinking shears. Stack the colours into individual piles for easy access.

Cover your work area with old newspapers or a disposable tablecloth to protect the surface from accidental glue spills.

Attach a length of wire to create a hanger by looping the wire through the centre of the wreath and twisting the open ends of wire until they are secure. Use decorative ribbon for the hanger, if desired.

Lay the wreath on the work surface. Select a fabric and place the point of the pencil at the centre point of the square with the right side of the fabric facing you. Fold the fabric into a loose bundle around the base of the pencil and dip the end into white glue. Push the tip of the fabric covered pencil into the outer perimeter of the straw wreath base. Hold the fabric in place with your fingers and remove the pencil. Add colours by alternating between light and dark prints, working in a circular pattern around the outside edges first and then working your way to the inner circle. Be sure to insert new fabric squares closely to the others to create a full wreath with no gaps or open spaces.

Add several squares of red fabric at intervals to simulate berries. Five or six bunches is usually sufficient, but the amount of red accent you choose depends on the desired results.

Add a decorative bow by wiring or gluing in place. Display indoors in any area to create holiday cheer.

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